Hypnotist & Mentalist Creates "Sleight-of-Mind" Illusions By Influencing Your Subconscious Brain!

As a UCLA-Trained Neuroscientist and Magic Castle-Trained Magician, Matthew Singer Magic™ is endorsed by these prestigious organizations.


What makes Matthew Singer Magic™ different from the rest? His brain is the key that sets his mind free. Not only is Matthew A Professional, World-Class Magic Castle-Trained Magician, but also a UCLA Neuroscientist. His magic and illusions take you on adventures through your brain and mind - stimulating your conscious and subconscious in unique ways. How? Matthew truly knows throw to make your guests happy from the inside out - and it all boils down to experience! He has been doing magic since age 5, and professionally since age 12 when he was inducted as the "Academy of Magical Arts" as its youngest member! 

As you are baffled with powerful sleight-of-hand, illusions, stunts, escapes, and wild beasts, you will partake in a most peculiar and mind-altering experience that makes you question your reality! As a bonus, Matthew relies and and uses his Neuroscientific background about in order to manipulate your mind with mentalism, hypnosis, and the realization that the (im)possible is truly possible. Yes, these are Miracles Before Your Eyes™! Matthew owns all of his own equipment (including sound, lighting, and illusions), allowing him to be one of the most versatile and scalable magicians in the USA. Consequentially, you can hire Matthew for a one-of-a-kind experience ranging from smaller-scale roaming close-up magic at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and private parties of all types, to full-blown stage shows tailored to corporate events, sales exhibitions, and trade-shows! 

Creating Corporate and Educational masterpieces, and more significantly as a UCLA-trained Neuroscientist, Matthew also specializes in inspirational and motivational speaking in order to create a new reality amongst his spectators that allows them to feel empowered through The Law of Attraction. His talents have been utilized by the UCLA life-science department, Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of business seminars that open dialogue for more communicative, innovative, and magical atmospheres in the workplace! 

Lastly, Matthew has a world-class team of staff and mentors, including those that helped David Copperfield and Criss Angel launch their careers. He has access to some of the finest and most elite illusion builders in the world so if you can dream it, he can create it and have it built to your specifications! It is this world-renowned versatility that allows him to provide concierge magic shows to fit your style, taste, decorum, and magical needs. As an impromptu magician, Matthew can perform practically anywhere! Moreover, the Matthew Singer Magic™ team can also provide photography and video services as well as full-blown event planning, decorating, and catering, all with timely execution!