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Private Magic Shows and Free Events

Master magician, Matthew Singer, uses his background in Psychology and Neuroscience to truly jump into your mind. As a UCLA Neuroscientist, he teaches you about your brain, while dazzling you with spectacular illusion. It's not only Sleight-of-Hand, but Sleight-of-Mind™!

San Diego's Best Magic Show

& Free First Friday Art Walk 

NeuroMagik™: "Sleight-of-Mind"

"Between the Eyes" Theater
Artist Alley, Oceanside Pier

Next Appearance:
Friday May 4th
 Location:  Downtown Oceanside, CA.

Showtimes &
Target Audience:

5:30 - Show For Kids
 NeuroMagik™ Jr. Educational Neuroscience-Themed Magic Show

(Suggested Tip: $5/child)

6:30 - Rated PG-13
Rock Your Mind with Street NeuroMagik™

(Suggested Tip: $5/person)

7:30 - Adult Show
 NeuroMagik™: Sleight-of-Mind Primere

8:30 - Adult Show
 NeuroMagik™: Sleight-of-Mind

Private Party Magic Shows and Custom Events

San Diego | Los Angeles

For a one-of-a-kind magical experience that blends Neuroscience, Psychology, and illusion, Matthew performs mind-bending-miracles as he educates your guests about the their brains. Think of Neuromagik™ as a TED Talk about the innerworkings of the brain and nervous system, presented through cunning sleight-of-hand and magic. Matthew travels between your guests in a walk-around fashion, or performs large-scale shows if your guests would rather watch from the edge of their seats. 

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Corporate Keynote Speaking

Hack Your Brain with Magic
On Stage or In the Boardroom

As an expert Neuroscientist, Matthew's entertaining keynote focus on teaching audiences how to hack their own brains to work in smarter and more creative ways, inspiring better work, rather than exhausting the mind. Step-by-step, each member of your team will learn how to quickly recognize and monitor individual biological and psychological cues to understand and control their own minds. From overriding distractions, to cognitively visualizing end goals, Matthew promotes a new standard for completing projects efficiency and achieving end results at a faster pace!


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